Today: May 30, 2023 9:02 pm
Today: May. 30, 2023

Digital educators

     On behalf of Chaitanya Saradhi, I would like to welcome you all to join the team of educators whose job is to help educate the underprivileged students in handling the digital technologies.  You are the best in the field of teaching and training the students to become proficient learners on the Internet.  You have the unique opportunity to learn the rapidly advancing digital technologies for yourself and to hand it down to the future generations. You are one among the privileged few who is engaged in transcending human progress through education, the mother of all social evolutions.

     Our first priority is to enable the students to become computer literates and savor digital education. Your responsibility is to motivate and teach the students to become self-learners in exploring the internet. The students should be familiarized to use computers to get on the web browser to study and research their class assignments. We want them to learn to type, paint, draw, and become proficient users of MS Office, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Let the students learn by themselves with your guidance and assistance. For a deeper understanding, please check the link below.

     Your second priority is to promote civility and moral values among the students. To do so, please be familiar with the four items discussed in Chaitanya saradhi program and other published materials on our website.  You can show the videos I supplied, or any other educational videos on youtube or even the Ted talks periodically. You should inspire the students to dream big and set high goals in life. Create a good learning ambiance in the classroom with pictures, posters, quotes, banners, and paintings, etc. You should commit to be an educational missionary. Please get familiar with the pamphlets on principles of success,  goal setting, communication skills, and dream big and imbue those concepts on the students.  You are a sport to help other teachers in setting up or running the digital libraries in the school at your work. Give unconditional attention to every student, because each student counts.

     You should be aware that while you teach computer technology in the class, you are actually role modeling. Students watch and copy your expression, posture, poise, delivery, attitude, kindness, consideration, critical thinking skills, and much more. You are giving virtually all your knowledge, skills, tools, behaviors, and manners to the students. Passing on all those soft skills holds tremendous leverage in shaping future students and societies. You are a pure giver –giving your intelligence, skills, attitudes, and manners.  There is no greater gratifying human emotion beyond giving. As of today, we have enough scientific evidence to show that giving improves one’s immunity, happiness, and longevity of life.

Set up schedules:

      When you report to work in the schools, set up your teaching schedules with the headmaster or headmistress. You can start with the state curriculum, which we plan to improve it in due course. You might have to accommodate your plans with the overall school curriculum even if it means staying after hours at school or spending extra time with students in need of it. The goal is simply to help the students until they learn.

We are a team:

     All of the digital educators, computer technicians, and the affiliated personnel are in a group e-mail. The purpose is to inculcate teamwork and learn from each other. That provides the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences in developing better teaching techniques. Our goal is to make Chaitanya saradhi to become an outstanding resource for computer literacy and digital libraries in the nation. We should and must work as a team. There should be no competition amongst you. Every idea and practice that each of us find it helpful to the students should be shared freely. However,  your creative ideas and innovative teaching techniques will be appreciated and rewarded with higher pay and leadership roles.  We will have special sessions with your digital educators to greet and share our experiences on my next visits.

     Keep the classrooms neat, decorated with posters, banners, drawings, and paintings, etc. Maintain the classroom and furniture clean. Put a dustbin at a corner of the classroom and make sure students use it. Mind you new habits take several weeks to form so be patient yet be firm on instruction. Show utmost respect to every student of all backgrounds which instills their trust on you for learning. Teach them punctuality, discipline, and regard for the school furniture and equipment. Now is the right time to begin teaching and training the students about good moral values and responsible citizenry. Every teacher in the school, including the digital educators, share equal responsibility and opportunity in doing so under the leadership of the headmistress or headmaster.

Purna Bikkasani

Chaitanya saradhi

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