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We focus on three main areas, and believe that these are essential skills and knowledge that the students of India must have so that we can work towards a better and more prosperous future:

Indian girl student
Children from Rural India

Discover Our Story

Chaitanya Saradhi was started by Dr. Purna Bikkasani, who had a very noble goal in mind: to create a non-profit organization that empowers and educates the young students of our country, with the skills to build a better future for India.

How We Use Your Donation

Chaitanya Saradhi Donations Usagee

We recognize the value of your contribution and want you to know exactly what it is going towards. Here's a breakdown of how your donation will be split among our various programs. 

Hear From Our Students, Teachers & Community

Indian school students

Hear from our students about their experience with the Chaitanya Saradhi programs and how they have been positively influenced to succeed in all spheres of life.


Dr Purna Bikkasani students address

Hear from our Teachers about working with Chaitanya Saradhi and the rewarding feeling of empowering the young students of our country and preparing them for success.


Chaitanya Saradhi team

Hear and read testimonials from our community and featured press articles about Chaitanya Saradhi and the important work we're doing to empower the students of India.



Together we can work towards
Empowering Students for a Better India.

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