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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

The social responsibility program includes imbuing seamlessly and incrementally the social responsibilities and Spirit of Humanity. We mentor the students to work hard, participate in teamwork, be honest, and respect other faiths and castes. We promote fairness and equality to build a more civilized world. 

We ask them to participate in community service, care for the environment, and help fellow students. 

The teachers are instructed to implement the concepts of sharing the space, books, knowledge, and skills with their peers.

An individual's social responsibility and human value systems are built to safeguard the purpose of Humanity- to propagate and prosper together. We do so by caring for ourselves and our families while observing social, moral, ethical, and legal norms and helping fellow humans. We must understand that shared values and ethics protect and nourish us all. We cannot negate either self or Humanity, so we should strive to derive a balance between these two dimensions for human survival and progress.

Spirit of Humanity: 

We, Homo Sapiens, are the youngest, most intelligent, and most successful
human race ever lived on earth. Our initial abode was Africa; we emigrated to the rest of the world at different stages and ages during the last two hundred thousand years. We all share Genes, looks, Emotions, Behaviors, Motivations, and African roots. We Stick Together and Help Each Other for our Survival and Progress.

We share air, water, the environment, the treasures of this planet, and the universe. We shared knowledge, wisdom, science, technology, and the tools to progress from Hunter-gatherers to Agricultural societies to Industrial, and finally, the Internet age. The modern world was built by the hard work, sweat, and tears of generations of scientists, explorers, reforms, revolutionaries, and sociologists. We nourish and flourish on these ancestral generational gifts. Besides, our successes are built on the backs of millions and millions of hardworking folks. So, we ask students to recognize their gifts and express gratitude to their teachers, parents, elders, and all generations who have built the finest world for them. Therefore, their moral imperative is to give back to society and make a better world. 

"An individual's social responsibility and human value systems are built to safeguard the purpose of Humanity- to propagate and prosper together." - Dr. Purna Bikkasani

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Social Responsibility

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